Weird photo of my reflection About Me

This page is old and unmaintained, preserved as a historical curiosity. Please visit my current page.


My name is Alexey Spiridonov; I am a senior math major at Princeton University. I speak Russian and English fluently, and can also read French.

This section of my site is intended to be a brief introduction only. The three others are dedicated to some of my chief activities and interests: mathematics, computing and technology, visual arts, literature and music.

The list is not complete -- for instance, I know a fair bit (and am often interested by) modern-day biology. However, I didn't think of much of interest to say about those topics just yet.

As far as physical activities go, I love biking and badminton, regularly practice [link] kokikai aikido, and occasionally (due to scheduling issues) attend the [link] Princeton Ballroom Dancing Club.


My resume attempts to balance between academic and professional (software industry) qualifications. If you are interested in a more detailed description of one of the two sides specifically, please e-mail me.

Get in touch

In order to foil spammer bots, I have inserted random garbage in my contact information. I trust you will have no problem removing it.

E-mail aspiriGaR_bAgEdo (at) alumni (dot) princeton (dot) edu
MSNlesRANDOMha37 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I have voluntarily cut myself from all forms of instant messaging this semester. I intend to be back after completing all my graduate school and fellowship applications.

About this site

Thus far, the page is mostly in English; however, ideally, I would like to maintain both English and Russian translations. Comments (pro, con), are welcome.

There is a lot of content that I want to put up here, but haven't had the time. Be patient, or bug me :) No guarantees though.

I will make an effort to make sure that this page renders well with standards-compliant browsers (such as Mozilla-based ones; I recommend Firebird). I will never put browser detection code on this page. If there is a really bad problem with a browser, I will first ask you to submit a bug report to the author of the browser, also ask to try another browser, and may provide alternate content. Of course, if the fault is mine, I apologize. For instance, if you find broken links, or pages that don't validate -- let me know! I also periodically check this page in text-based browsers to make sure it remains usable. I'm not familiar with Web accessibility standards, but if you can enlighten me, please write.